As we are located on Weymouth seafront and also in the middle of the bay looking directly out to sea, we are in the enviable position of being able to see the new laser show every night from the comfort of any room on the front of the house, as such we are able to see the show under a multitude of conditions from warm, dry and very calm conditions through to wet, and/or misty and choppy sea conditions.

Having spent several hours now observing the show under differing conditions, it has become obvious that atmospheric changes, rain, mist, dusty or hazy conditions improve the defintion of the laser beams through the air, the sea state also has a profound affect on how the beams are viewed on contact with the water.

When the sea state is calm and glass like we see much higher reflection and almost fire like effects bouncing off the Sealife Tower, when like thgis evening the sea state is choppy we see white crests of waves turned flourescent green and the beams appear to almost dance across the wave tops almost creating a different type of show.

We will continue to monitor the show and report back to you as we see different affects based on atmospheric or sea state changes.

To see this evenings photo album of the laser show, click [fancy_link link=”!/photo.php?fbid=340694186003596&set=a.340694126003602.83682.128008123938871&type=1&theater” variation=”teal” target=”blank”]here [/fancy_link] to view our facebook page photo album.