One of the very interesting effects that we’ve noticed with the nightly Laser Light show on Weymouths’ glorious seafront is that no two nights are the same because the slightest change in atmospheric conditions or sea state mean that the view of the laser beams, where they land, reflect and refract is always to some degree different.

This all means that you really have to come down to the seafront at Weymouth and enjoy the show, and not just for one day, come and stay for a few days and as well as being able to enjoy the many and varied activities and sightseeing opportunities that Weymouth, Portland and West Dorset have to offer, you can also see how the laser show differs nightly.

Tonight for example we had very calm conditions, the sea state was glass like and was causing some great reflection effects, and strong solid beams through the air. On a night where there is some sea mist in the air and choppier conditions we see completely different effects across the bay like wave tops highlighted in flourescent green and more defined beam lengths.

Weymouth & Portland have so much to offer come and experience all the area has to offer and you’ll want to return again and again.

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