The long awaited arrival of Nowhereisland took place on Wednesday 25th July, the Island will be around until August 2nd. So if you haven’t yet had chance to have a look then it really is worth a visit down to Bowleaze Cove where the Island is moored. Apart from anything it’s a lovely walk along the seafront following the beach along the Preston Beach Road down to Overcombe and then you’ll also get to see the Island too.

We were there as Nowhereisland came into sight, and it was real carnival atmosphere, there were new citizens, interested onlookers and just people that had stumbled on the event but everyone present was shouting and cheering as the island appeared it was a really uplifitng experience and something we were very glad we made time to go see.

Nowhereisland is a fantastic art project support by the Arts Council and forming part of Maritime Mix The Cultural Olympiad of the London 2012 Olympic Games by the sea programme.

We hope you like the project and we’d love you to share photos and pictures with us, more photos and information can be found on our facebook page by [fancy_link link=”” variation=”teal” target=”blank”]clicking here[/fancy_link]