We continue to follow the progress of the Weymouth Eye, the structure is diagonally to the right of the house looking across the bay towards the Pavilion end of the harbour, so we have a really good vantage point from which to watch it’s construction.

It will eventually have a full viewing platform height of 53 metres (174 feet), with we assume some form of decorative top piece above the viewing platform. The platform itself is a round object (not dissimilar to a big doughnut) with glass covering the entire circumference and with seats inside that visitors sit in throughout the experience.

Having boarded the visitors in the viewing platform are transported to the top of the tower, and then the platform slowly revolves in order to let all of the visitors get a birds eye view of Weymouth bay and our splendid Jurassic Coast in all directions.

We can’t wait until it’s completed in order that we can get the chance to try it out and take some (hopefully) great shots of Weymouth from the marvellous viewing opportunity it will provide.