Well it’s been an eventfull 4 days and we’ve loved every minute of it, but we’re sad to say that Sunday 24th June 2012 is RedBalls’ last day here in Weymouth & Portland.

The final appearance before moving on to London, was at The Cove House Inn, Portland, and what an ideallic setting right on the edge of the glorious Chesil beach and the weather was great too, so we managed to get some great shots.

We’ve loved seeing RedBall change our everday architecture around the borough into something special that literally stopped people in their tracks and to see the many ways in which people reacted to it and interacted with it during it’s stay is something that will stay with us for a long time, we wish Kurt Pershke, RedBall and the whole team the very best of luck and hope that RedBall contines to make such a success in all future locations.

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