We’re getting very excited about the imminent arrival of Nowhereisland into Weymouth Bay in a little over 7 days from now, the island will arrive at the Bowleaze Cove side of Weymouth Bay and it’s mobile Embassy will park on Furzy Cliff overlooking the island in the bay. If you haven’t already applied for citizenship of this exciting new country then you can do so by [fancy_link link=”http://nowhereisland.org/#!/citizenship/signup/” variation=”teal” target=”blank”]clicking here[/fancy_link]

What is Nowhereisland we hear you cry, here’s the low down on the project from the Nowhereisland website :

Nowhereisland is an island from the Arctic on a journey to South West England. As it made this epic journey, it travelled through international waters, whereupon it became the world’s newest nation with citizenship open to all called Nowhereisland.

Nowhereisland will arrive in Weymouth on 25th July for the sailing events of the London 2012 Olympic Games as a visiting island nation, accompanied by its remarkable mobile Embassy, packed full of intriguing objects and fascinating information and hosted by the Nowhereisland Ambassadors.

Nowhereisland is an artwork by Alex Hartley which has caught the imagination of thousands of people across the world. Over 6400 people from just under 100 countries have already signed up to be citizens, contributing to the online constitution and responding to the year-long Resident Thinkers programme. More than 20 schools and community groups across the South West are helping to plan how they will welcome Nowhereisland to their local port.

Along its coastal journey, Nowhereisland will visit eight ports and harbours where it will be hosted by choirs, bands, citizen marches, a flotilla of surfers, gig rowers, sea shanty singers and thousands of people on cliff tops, beaches, harbours and promenades. Find out more about Nowhereisland’s journey [fancy_link link=”http://nowhereisland.org/about/#!/journey/” variation=”teal” target=”blank”]here[/fancy_link]

Nowhereisland is a Situations project, one of 12 arts projects across the UK, funded by the Arts Council of England, which will form part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad in summer 2012.