Our Environmental Policy

We also endeavour to constantly review all of our activities with the intention of further reducing the impacts our business practices may have to ensure whatever we do is sympathetic to the environment, whilst also keeping an eye on your comfort.

Activities and measures we already carry out :

  • State of the art heating and hot water boiler system with innovative designs to avoid reheating water still at a usable temperature and hot water storage systems to minimise energy usage, whilst ensuring guest comfort.
  • We recycle all waste including that produced by guests with the intention of minimising waste to landfill.
  • The bulk of our laundry is handled by a contract laundry partner who is carefully selected for their own environmental policies.
  • All standard high energy tungsten light bulbs have been replaced by low energy equivelents.
  • Where new light fittings are purchased we try to replace with LED lights or other low energy alternatives.
  • Water saving devices have been fitted in all toilet cisterns (including guest rooms).
  • The industry standard for loft insulation is 270mm thickness, we have exceeded this by installing 400mm of loft insulation to further reduce heat loss from the house.
  • Our dining room furniture is made from Malyasian Rubberwood that was previously burnt at the end of its life, and now certain furniture manufacturers take the tree at the end of its life and make this furniture, so a real world example of a waste product being used for a second purpose.
  • All showers throughout the house have had new water saving shower heads fitted, these are produced by Ecocamel and offer a water saving of approximately 45% compared to a normal head whilst still maintaining a good shower experience for our guests.
  • Wherever possible we use environmentally friendly cleaning products, to minimise the impact on our environment.
  • All washing machines, fridges, freezers and dishwashers are A rated energy efficient or better.
  • Individual room heating switched off when rooms not in use to save energy.
  • All electrical equipment turned off rather than switched to standby.
Local Sourcing of Breakfast Ingredients
  • All of our eggs, are free range, British and from Lion brand approved farms
  • Our sausages and bacon are carefully selected from local farms and producers using Dorset based pig farms.
  • All of our milk is sourced from West Country sources.
  • Our handmade artisan Jams and Marmalades are created for us by ‘DorsetHandmade’ in Wyke Regis.
  • Our Dorset Honey comes from Mr. Hogben whose Apiaries are in Broadmayne.
  • We offer Dorset Cereals as part of our cereal choice, manufactured in Dorset using organic ingredients .
  • Our yoghurts are specially selected for their quality and are sourced through Yeo Valley Farm in Somerset, and are made using their own organic milk.